Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Super-Power...In Disguise

It has been determined that I'm cursed. I vaugely suspected so previously, as every checkout line I ever enter is the slowest one in the store. (The only person in front of me once decided to pay in pennies.) But of all the places to have my suspicions confirmed, Disneyland isn't where I expected it to occur. Yet, at Disneyland it was.

With the three-day weekend, I was glad to take a vacation and visit somewhere new. Having lived on the west coast for a while now, and having not yet been to Disneyland, it seemed the obvious choice. Being in mid-February only helped solidify my decision, as the crowd was hopefully going to be much smaller than much of the rest of the year. So into the car we piled, and down the coast we drove. Getting to the LA area late, we had one day in Disneyland and were going to make the best of it.

Or so the natives would have us believe.

Things were going well. We got into the park a bit later than I'd have liked, but as long as it was before noon, we still had a good half-of-the-day to play. Got passes for Space Mountain (of course. Ugh.), flew through Buzz Lightyears, and tried to take a ride on the Matterhorn. That would be where my curse began to rear its ugly head. I don't expect to be stopped on the track. I moreso don't expect to have to be evacuated through the interior of the mountain.

In the next day and a half, two more rides broke down on us. Neither that we were actually on, but both of which as we were up /next/.

Yet, as I was chatting with a friend later that day, I realized that it might not be a curse. Very few people can claim they've seen the inside of a Disneyland ride. Or so sayeth my friend that had been hoping to be evacuated for twenty-odd years.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Law of the Wild

And there I was, on my way to work. It was a great day out; perhaps a bit chilly, but not cold enough to stop me from walking. I'd just crossed the freeway and hit upon the new intersection when it happened. I wasn't expecting it, and am glad I didn't start to cross the street as soon as I had the right of way, because that's when the little silver car decided to blow through a red.

Red light, that is, not red car.

I always dislike when people do that, when people think that they're more important than anyone else, and that they shouldn't have to follow the rules that are there for everyone's safety. I always am saddened and wished I lived in a world where people cared about each other and not only that they were able to shave thirty seconds off their drive (that they had to waste a block down the road sitting at another light anyway).

So I saw the cop drive past with a possibly shameful bit of glee.

And there I was, on my way to work. Somewhat pleased as the law was out attempting to keep the streets safe. But I apparently wasn't the only person pleased with developments, as whilst crossing the street I noticed someone running up from whence the policeman had come, stopping in the middle of the road to gaze at where the cop had gone. And then I saw him cheer.

I just wonder if it was because the cop caught the silver car..or because he didn't.