Friday, August 04, 2006

Worker's Comp

I have a plant on my desk at work. Well, I have two of them actually, but only one of the two is really important and of great concern to me right now. Although that's not actually true either, as the other concerns me, but that's mostly because I fear it's not getting enough light and is dying.

So I have two plants on my desk at work, and one of them is dying, but the other seems to be doing fairly well. I water it, it drinks greedily, and it sprouts new leaves. It's sprouted lots of new leaves since I got it back in February, and I generally watched in wonder and awe as the leaves grew. Until this latest leaf. For now I am worried.

The plant on my desk at work has sprouted two new branches and about a dozen new leaves in half a year. It's working on more, but that's the extent of things for now. And all the leaves were amazing, perfect five-segmented leaves. Not the latest one. The latest one has six segments. On a plant that obviously sprouts five-segmented leaves.


Next thing you know, the plant on my desk at work is going to start shooting laser beams out of its eyes. Once it mutates a bit more and sprouts some eyes. And doing so would be incredibly cool to watch.. no it's not my plant itself that I'm worried about. Rather, my plant is just a symptom, I'm worried about the cause.

What is it on my desk that's causing my plant to mutate? Since I'm just sitting a couple feet from it, when am I going to grow that third eye?