Friday, September 28, 2007

Planetary Storage

I want many things. But then, who doesn't? A pony, a new bike, the latest computer system, there's simply so much stuff to have. And so much stuff to want. I think I want so much stuff, that I'm not sure where to even start listing it. I'd go alphabetically, but then there'd be no chance that I'd possibly get that zoo pass I've been wanting to pick up. Because I want to see the zebra.

But then, I recently got rid of many things. Some of which I didn't really want to get rid of, some of which I had a hard time putting in that 'I'm never going to see this again, whether or not I ever decide I want to do so in the future' pile. And then some of the things haven't worked for years and I forgot I even had, seeing how they were hidden in the far back corner of the closet. The one that I forgot I even had--closets only have one back corner, right?

I'm happy to no longer have the stuff, even though I'm fairly certain I'll regret getting rid of some of it in the future. But then I'll forget about it again. If I didn't remember it before I started cleaning, I won't remember it again in a month or two when the next shiny thing comes along. But now that I've removed so much stuff from my life, I feel like I should have more room.

More room means it's time to get more stuff. Right? Right?? Please?

'cause I like stuff. There're many things I want. I just wish they didn't weigh me down so much. I'd like to find somewhere to keep all my stuff, but I hear the earth's already taken.

Maybe I could make an offer on Venus. But then I'd have to find somewhere to store it.

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Anonymous Stephanie said...

If you store all of your things in storage containers, then you will have more space and hence need more least that is my theory.

6:20 PM  

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