Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Breath of Fresh Granite

The thought has been wandering around the dark recesses of my head for a while now, and so I find that I can't cease wondering why things are the way they are. Why the world works the way it does. Why people that vote look so far down on people that don't. Sure, there may be some silly reasons to not vote (fear that you might find your own name on the ballot, for instance), but there are other less-silly reasons (having to cross the moat of molten lava and giant alligators). Still, people that vote seem to think badly of those that don't, no matter what reason the non-voter may have.

What other areas in life are similar? From a quick first-order approximation, it would seem that voting is rather unique in this. Recycling may come close, but there are more acceptable reasons to not recycle (the nearest town that takes recycling is so far away, the materials wasted to get the recyclables there would be a significant net negative on the environment).

Perhaps there's swimming, wherein swimmers think that the land-bound are silly, but it's both not as deep a hatred (rather generally just mild amusement) the swimmers feel, and there are even more reasonable reasons to have never learned swimming. (I live in the middle of a desert, or the local swimming pool is infested by an army of splashing children.)

Still, I think it is completely unfair that those whom vote have such a superiority complex that no other class of people have. So I'm calling on all of those who breathe to mock those that don't, to look down on them, and to give them a horribly hard time for their lack of breathing. They have no excuse, they're wasting our precious space. They're..they're..they're not nice!

So look down from your lofty perches, be proud to be among the breathing, and do all you can to convince the non-breathers to join us!

Unless you're talking to my pet rock. I don't want him feeling bad, he can't help it. Not being able to breathe is not his fault, he's had a cold and is all stuffed up. So go easy on him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are the people who don't watch TV who think that everyone who does is incredibly inferior and obviously lacking in any kind of self control.

3:11 PM  

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