Friday, June 29, 2007

Team Substitution

I'm planning on heading back to my hometown this summer, and think I'm hoping to manage to possibly meet up with some of my old friends that I've not seen in much too long. Somehow it helps that there's a reunion this year. As part of the reunion, there's a list of questions to fill out. And as one of the questions, I'm requested to list my accomplishments.

I think that it's an accomplishment to get up in the morning, every day. And every day I do so, I find myself amazed that I'm up yet again. And every day, my goal for the day is to make it back to bed that night. Possibly not my own bed in my own apartment, for sometimes I travel, but always back to a bed wherein I can get some sleep. Possibly not a full night's sleep, as I've never been known to sleep the whole night through except possibly for after a week of working 20-hour days chasing around a billion or so children at camp, but at least enough sleep that I can repeat the process again the next day.

It may seem like a trivial accomplishment or a silly goal. It may not sound like much to anyone else. And it may be silly to put down on the reunion form. But it's my accomplishment and my goal none-the-less. Without that, though, what other accomplishments are worth mentioning? Eating lunch every day? Well, almost every day? Visiting the ocean on occasion? Perhaps I should make some up, for I doubt anyone could disprove that I saved the world from self-destruction by going back in time and giving a homeless orphan a yo-yo for his sixth birthday. Nor could anyone disprove that I prevented the greatest economic crash the world's ever known by not eating breakfast on August 27th, 1998. Or even that I crashed a name server for a third of the country. Except, perhaps, that one I actually managed to do. Completely on accident, of course.

But no matter what I put down, I still prefer my true accomplishments and goals. And am very proud of the fact that I've got better than a 50% success rate. I could do even better, if only they'd get a different goalie!

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Anonymous Stephanie said...

You can't use the "I prevented the greatest economic crash the world's ever known by not eating breakfast on August 27th, 1998." That is the one that I am going to use.

9:48 AM  

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