Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sleep Puts me to Lectures

I had a dream last night. It kept me from sleeping well. It was a rather silly thing to keep me from sleeping well, but I don't like it when my dreams make me think all night long. (Or at least for the ten minutes or even two seconds right before I wake up.) I like it even less when my dreams keep me thinking through the day.

It's been a while since I had a dream of being in class. I've not had the "I forgot my homework" nightmare in at least a month. It's been much, much longer since I was assigned homework in my sleep. But as I dreampt, I listened to a lecture (really short lecture) about a guy many centuries ago that visited his friend and had to walk home way after dark. It was about as boring as lectures tend to be.

After the (five-second) lecture, I was assigned homework. I don't like homework. Not when I have to actually do something. But I knew it would take much too long to come up with 500 ideas for a paper on the topic, so I started on my homework right away. While I slept.

I continued my homework after I woke up, but the ideas I had whilst still in bed were better than anything I could imagine after I got going for the day. I was brilliant. I was amazing. And then I woke up.

Now I just hope I don't forget to hand in my homework tonight. Tomorrow I expect to have to spend the whole day writing a paper on the socioeconomic consequences of ancient man having been capable of seeing well enough to do even the most minor of tasks once the sun went down, and how the world can be greatful for the miner's hat, giving you light wherever you look.