Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Floppy Ears

It's being a busy, busy time of year. Being sick for a good bit of a week didn't help. And then yesterday I had to go and get cold feet.

I hate having cold feet. It makes me much less willing to actually do things. I'd rather just sit around, hiding from the world and all the problems it can bring. I'd rather warm my toes by the fire, and hide under a thick blanket with a warm cup of hot chocolate. I'd rather play computer games than commit myself to going back out to brave the weather yet again.

I'd rather put on a dry pair of socks.

But walking to work in the rain and wind, I didn't realize how cold my feet were going to be until after I'd missed seeing the puddle of frigid water and already begun dripping all over my office. I didn't realize how cold I was to be until after I'd left the comfort of my own home, and was too close to work to really consider turning back for a new, warmer, dryer pair of socks. I didn't realize how cold my feet were going to be until about two hours into the work day when my shoes were still making sloshing noises every time I moved in my chair.

But with the cold feet came the really, really pleasant feeling of my feet warming up again. After I'd walked back through the cold outdoors later in the day. Fresh socks seem to make everything better.

Unless it's your ears that are cold.