Monday, May 31, 2004

Grappling Hooks or Dynamite?

Slow Trucks.

Driving down the road, there're lots of signs alongside the road. The Slow Trucks sign makes me think every time, though. I always wonder where the trucks are that I'm supposed to be slowing down. I never see the trucks when I see the sign, maybe they're somewhere in front of me. Or maybe I need to slow down too, as they're somewhere behind. Or maybe they're in the oncoming traffic. Wherever they are, though, it's apparently my job to slow them down.

So while I'm not sure which trucks need slowing, it's still somewhat important to figure out how to slow them down. My first thought was that I needed to install some grappling hooks in my car so I could grab the trucks and apply my brakes. But then the trucks would probably just drag me along. Mass is important in the momentum equations.

Other choices include caltrips or dynamite, or maybe carrying around a trailer full of sand. Although after thinking about it I decided that they probably just intended for me to get in front of the trucks and slow down myself, because even though the truck /could/ run me down, they tend not to.

Of course, I could be reading the signs incorrectly, they might be similar to the falling rocks or wildlife crossing signs. So whomever put up the sign might be saying, "yes, we know there are lots of slow trucks in the area, we've done everything we possibly could to get rid of them, but they're still around. Please watch out for them. Don't make eye contact, and please, please don't feed the trucks."

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