Thursday, May 27, 2004

Sweet Goodness Week

April 29th-36th this year was Sweet Goodness Week. For all that is sweet, for all that is good, for all that is sweet and good, it's a time to celebrate and enjoy.

I, of course, spent the week celebrating. I wished many people a happy Sweet Goodness Week, baked fresh cinnamon rolls (from scratch!), made ice cream, and just in general had a lot of sweet goodness.

Of course, one of the best aspects of Sweet Goodness Week is inviting other people to join in on the festivities. Asking what they've got planned for the week, inviting them to Sweet Goodness parties, wearing the t-shirt.

Sadly it would appear that most people still have yet to learn of Sweet Goodness Week, leaving a huge responsibility to bring the joys to the world. But I tried this year, being in a new area with noone that knew of the holiday, I still managed to help get a BBQ together to celebrate.

And the odd looks people give when informed of a week-long holiday that lasts the 8 days from April 29th-36th makes any amount of work worthwhile.


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