Monday, May 31, 2004

Lower Rent

Any time someone mentions aliens, the thought that pops into my, and probably many other peoples' heads, is "Little Green Men." There have been other types of aliens proposed (and reportedly seen) since, but it is no mistake that the most popular version is little green.

Photosynthesis is one of the highest changes on the evolutionary scale. Somewhere after telekinesis and the ability to not watch wrecks in the other lanes of traffic, we as a race will finally be able to refrain from eating, instead just having to sun-bathe. Something that many people do already, preparing themselves for this inevitable future.

Sadly, we as a race are too intelligent for our own good, we have cause evolution to become stagnant, we've stopped the need for change. We've begun changing our environment instead of letting our environment change us. And if we don't learn, it could make the next few changes planned for us take ten-fold the time.

Yes, it might be uncomfortable in the meantime, while we adjust, while we let evolution take its course. But for progress to occur, two generations must agree. We and our children must refrain from eating, must allow evolution to supply us with our energy through the sun.

And when, finally, we have gained this skill, when we must eat no longer, we'll have more time free for the better things in life. Us, our children, or our children's children, however long it takes.

And we'll need a handful fewer square feet in our apartments, so it should lower the cost of rent. If we no longer need to eat, who's going to need a toilet?

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